Sunday, July 5, 2009

Lisa Holzmann is Finalist in Kinder Grand Prix

Lisa Holzmann, who is the daughter of Josef Holzmann, is a finalist in the Kinder Grand Prix that is being held on July 11. We reported a few month ago that Lisa Holzmann was competing on the well known German TV show, Krone der Volksmusik, singing My Boy Lolliepop and asked our German readers to vote for this very talented young girl. As previously stated, Lisa's father, Josef Holzmann, was at Armin Homann's German Music Festival in Lake Villa last year.
For more info about the Kinder Grand Prix, go to Anneliese Breitenberger's website at: Lisa will be singing a song composed by the famous Gunther Behrle. Gunther Behrle is most famous for his hit, Patrona Bavarea and most recently last year's hit for Vincent & Fernando, Glaube an Gott. Lisa will be sining, Immer nur die Mailbox. We wish this very talented teenager success on July 11 when she competes in Sud Tirol.
Toi, Toi, Toi.

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