Sunday, November 15, 2009

New Website for Maria Olliges

Those of you that are past listeners of the Stimmung Stunde remember that Maria Olliges was our Talent Coordinator in Germany who arranged all those fabulous interviews with German singing stars. For the past few years she has organized several music concerts and now she has her own webpage, Schlagertreff.
Although they all take place in Germany, you may be interested in the photos she has posted of the stars such as Vincent & Fernando, Marc Pircher and Armin Stoeckl, who was here in Milwaukee in 2008 for a Christmas tour.

Also, if you plan to go to Germany next year in September, check out where her next concert will be playing. You will not be disappointed.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Fabulous Christmas Show coming to Milwaukee

Robert Deglau of the Continental Showcase radio show has put together a fabulous Christmas Show. Robert enjoys bringing German entertainers here to Milwaukee and hopes all the listeners of his radio show will be there.

It will feature the well-known duo, Claudia & Alexx. These rising young stars have already had several accomplishments in their short carreer. In 2006, they competed (representing Germany) in the Grand Prix der Volksmusik, singing Siebzehn Sommer.

If you click on the link below, you can see/hear it for yourself on YouTube.

In 2008 they won the prestigious Herbert Roth Preis and went on to make numerous appearances on television & various tours. This year, they again competed in the Grand Prix der Volksmusik with the song, Mama danke. If you would like to see/hear their performance, go to the Continental Showcase webpage; Robert has a YouTube link at his website.

Claudia & Alexx are very popular in Germany and it is really great that we will be able to see them LIVE here in Milwaukee. Please remember that if you want to continue to get German entertainment to Milwaukee, you can show your support by comming to this event. Click on the link to Claudia & Alexx's homepage and sign their Guestbook. Let them know you are looking forward to seeing them here in Milwaukee.

Also, Chris Holzer, will be enteretaining you that night. Singing old favorite German Christmas songs and some of his popular recordings like, Wenn du ein Engel bist. The M & M Musikanten will again be playing for your dancing pleasure after the show (just like they did last year).

This is a great opportunity to talk to some German singing stars right here in our city. You do not have to travel to Germany to see some fabulous entertainers. I hope to see you all there.

Date: December 4, 2009 (Friday)

Time: 6:30 pm

Tickets: $18.00 - call Peter Saemann,

Bavarian Inn & Heidelberg Park (Map)
700 W. Lexington Blvd, Glendale, WI 53127

If you want to continue to have German entertainment here in Milwaukee, be sure to come and support this evening.

Monday, November 9, 2009

20th Anniversary - Fall of the Berlin Wall

It has been 20 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall. This was a historical event, but it meant so much more to the German-American community. Here are some links to some related stories:

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Weihnachts Show tour presented by Gisela Lewis

Gisela Lewis is again presenting a fabulous Weihnachts Show tour in the USA and Canada. It starts on November 27 and continues through December 19. Gisela has brought entertainers from Germany for many years and this year's show looks like it will again be a stand out. Check out the list below to see if there is a show near you. It is bound to be an evening to remember.

The stars for this year's tour are: Axel Becker, Styrina, and the Kristall band.

We saw Axel Becker perform live in Germany back in 2006. He puts on a great show and is often on Volksmusik TV shows in Germany. He has many hits through the years and he is looking forward to his first trip to the US. When I listen to his voice the word "velvet" pops up in my head. Take a look/listen yourself and click on this link to YouTube:
Styrina was at this year's German Fest in Milwaukee and this beautiful girl with her long flowing blond hair aquired many new fans here in Milwaukee. I ofen hear people describe her performance as a little firecracker. Take a look at this YouTube link to see Styrina in action: We also saw Styrina in Austria when we went with Gisela Lewis and Peter Matthai (leader of the Sandler band) on the Bus Tour they organized in May this year. By the way, they have another tour planned for May 2010 and I will be bringing details of that trip soon. On that same Bus Tour, we saw the band Kristall perform and you will not be disappointed with this talented band. Here is a link to YouTube to see Kristall perform: They made great music and their humorous antics will have you laughing out loud.

Click on the poster to the right to enlarge the image. It gives details of this fabulous tour coming to the US.
Nov 27 - Deutscher Club of Clark, call 908-756-1783
Nov 28 - Delaware Saengerbund, Newark, DE, call 302-366-4710
Nov 29 - Franklin Square, NY, call 516-333-4710
Dec 1 - German-American Soc of Trenton, Yardville, NJ, call 609-585-5593
Dec 2 - Evergreen Country Club, Reading, call 610-944-7501 & 484-797-3528
Dec 3 - Germania Park, Dover NJ, call 732-557-0670
Dec 4 - Cannstatter Volksfest Verein, Philadelphia, PA, call 215-332-0121
Dec 5 - Schulverein Walpole, Boston, MA, call 508-586-0982 & 781-320-9940
Dec 6 - Schutzenpark, North Bergen, NJ, call 917-680-3942 & 718-821-7337
Dec 8 - Carpathia Club, Sterling Heights, Michigan, call 586-781-6734 or 586-822-2366
Dec 9 - Deutscher Sportverein, Ft. Wayne, IN, call 660-338-1234 & 260-248-2282
Dec 10 - Donauschwaben Society of Cincinnati, OH, call 513-451-6452
Dec 11 - German-American Culture Center Olmsted Falls, Cleveland, OH, call 440-235-2647
Dec 12 - German Family Society of Akron, Ohio, call 330-923-7947 or 330-336-7127
Dec 13 - Schwabenverein, Toledo/Oregon, OH, call 419-536-9942 or 419-691-4116

Dec 14 - Club Lorelei, Hamburg, NY, call 716-875-1064 or 716-633-1044
Dec 15 - Club Rhein-Danube, Leamington, ON, Canada, call 519-326-3740 & 519-326-1779
Dec 16 - Concordia Club Kitchener, ON, Canada, call 519-745-5617
Dec 17 - Association of Danube Swabians, Scarborough Toronto, ON Canada, call 416-290-6186 or 416-282-4021

Dec 19 - Blobs Park, Baltimore, MD, call 410-799-7130