Monday, July 28, 2008

Sunday at German Fest

Sunday was the last day of German Fest 2008. I was lucky enough to help the Sandlers/Die Fichtler Buam sell their CDs during the fest. They were a very energetic band and by Sunday they already had their own following. If you were one of the people who enjoyed the Sandlers/Die Fichtler Buam, you can see them one more time before they return to Germany in Toledo, Ohio at the German-American Festival on August 22, 23 & 24. Click on the link and you will see our own Peggy Mueller is also playing at the German-American Festival. If you look at the Friday report below, it has a picture of Peggy & Peter when the Sandlers/Die Fichtler Buam surprised her during her performance on the Musikanten Garten stage, along with the leader of the Milwaukee Blaskapelle, Andy Hacker.

If you would like to see the pictures I took on Sunday, click HERE and it will take you to my webshots pictures. You will see mostly the entertainers in these pictures, because quite honestly, that's my favorite.

Hey were you wondering what kind of press coverage German Fest got this year on local Milwaukee TV stations, take a look at the links I have listed below.

Channel 4, WTMJ: Biba & the Buetzemaenner, & Pommerische Tanzdeel,

Channel 6, Fox: Schmalzlers, Biba & the Buetzemaenner, Pommerische Tanzdeel, & Anton aus Tirol

Channel 12, WISN: Various slideshows & videos of German Fest

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Saturday at German Fest

Saturday at German Fest is always party night and everywhere you looked the party was going strong. In the morning, Edith Prock, was on our local TV and you can see some of those pictures along with others taken if you click HERE. The link will take you to webshots into the Saturday German Fest album. This year there was a live Tarzen in the culture tent representing the famous German-American, Johnny Weissmueller, and there are pictures that you can see if you click HERE.

It was also parade day. There were many, many local German groups participating in the parade and even some of the German stars were invited to be in the parade. The weather was absolutely perfect and we alll had a great "party" yesterday.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

2008 German Fest - Friday

On Friday the fest opened its doors at 3 pm. I handed out a lot of cards with the web address of this blog and if I took a picture of you will find it by click HERE. The link takes you to an album in Webshots and you can easily download any pictures you would like.

I was at the Musikgarden when Milwaukee's popular musician, Peggy Mueller, was surprised by the Sandlers. They came carrying their instruments so they could PLAY with Peggy (and nephew, Andy, on the tuba). They never practiced before and they played together flawlessly. Now that's Muscians!!! If you haven't seen the Sandlers yet, be sure to see them tonight (Saturday) at the Miller stage. It is sure to be a PARTY!!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

2008 German Fest started Thursday

The 2008 German Fest started last night (Thursday) and they had a great opening day. Again I was busy taking lots of pictures and if you click on the link HERE it will take you to the Webshots album for German Fest Thursday pictures. If there is a favorite picture that you like on Webshots, click on the Full size button (on the upper-right of the screen) and then right click to download the picture. There are also pictures of the German Entertainers that got a tour of Milwaukee & a few pictures in front of the new Harley museum.

We were lucky enough to be invited to a friend's Retirement party (see other posting on this blog) that was held at the VIP in the Harley area. I was a great view from on top of the Harley VIP. The Schmalzler were entertaining us on the Harley stage and Anton aus Tirol had a great show there as well. Anton aus Tirol has been to German Fest in the past, but he was with the then Tiroler Spatzen.

Edith Prock filled up the seats at the Miller stage and many of her fans were happy to see her return to German Fest this year. She has brought several new songs with her, but she still does some of everyone's old favorites. A new band this year are Biba & the Butzemaenner. They promise to be a very lively group that will be popular with the younger set. The Sandlers have returned to German Fest this year with several new musicians, but Peter is still there playing his Harmonica with gusto.

Tom Varney's Retirement Party

Tom Varney had a great Retirement party last night. Tom & his wife, June, have always honored their German heritage and what a great setting for his Retirement party -- German Fest. They held it in the VIP area of the Harley Stage, so throughout the party we were entertained by the Schmalzler on stage. Anyone that went home from this party hungary or thirsty... it was your own fault.

Next time you see June, ask her how she likes peeling onions. Its a great story! Tom & June plan to spend retirement traveling and their goal is to visit 100 different countries.

It was a great party and thanks for inviting us.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Milwaukee German Fest begins

The Milwaukee German Fest begins today and if you look further on this website you will see a great lineup of entertainers along with links to their websites. Elmar has been busy this week while he and his brother, Ernie, have been driving the German singing stars. Hey, it's a tough job and someone has to do it! Pictured right is Fritz, who plays the Alpenhorn for the Schmalzler, taking a break at our house on a beautiful day. We hope that kind of weather will continue for the next 4 days.

The Schmalzler are scheduled to appear on the Harley stage tonight starting at 5 pm. Those of you who are lucky enough to have been invited to Tom Varney's retirement party tonight will be enjoying the music of this popular Bavarian band tonight.

Hope to see you all at the fest this weekend. Remember today, Thursday, is free admission starting at 5 pm and Usingers is sponsoring $1 brats and hot dogs. Also, tonight and Sunday night there will be fireworks.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Milwaukee German Community Events

Click on the flag to get more details about Events around Milwaukee in the Germany Community. Below is a brief listing of Events.

July 24-27 - Milwaukee German Fest
July 25 - Croatian Sacred Heart Church - Fish Fry
Aug 3 - Chicago Donauschwaben Veriein - Tag der Donauschwaben
Aug 10 - Kultur Vereinigung - German-American Day
Aug 22, 23, & 24 - West Bend Germanfest
September 19-21 - Oktoberfest in Chippewa Falls
September 21 - Croatian Sacred Heart Church - Palacsinta Breakfast
September 26 - Croatian Sacred Heart Church - Fish Fry
Oct 4 - Danube Cultural Society (DCS)- Kirchweih
October 10-11 - Croatian Sacred Heart Church - Sarma Sale
October 18 - D'Oberlandler - Kirchweihfest (80th)
October 24 - Croatian Sacred Heart Church - Fish Fry
November 11 - Rheinischer Verein - Hoppeditz Erwachen
November 15 - Rheinischer Verein - Prinzenkroenung
December 31 - Rheinischer Verein - Gala New Year's Eve Dinner Dance
Feb 1 - Rheinischer Verein - Kappensitzung
Feb 19 - Rheinischer Verein - Weiberfastnacht
Feb 21 - Rheinischer Verein - Maskenball
Feb 28 - Rheinischer Verein - Kehraus

July 24, 25, 26, 27 - German Fest Yes, those dates are correct!

Yes, German Fest starts tomorrow in Milwaukee. We have all been waiting for this event all year. I have it on good authority that all the entertainers from Germany landed safely yesterday and they can hardley wait to get up on those stages to entertain the crowds.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

German Fests of the past

If you have never gone to German Fest in Milwaukee, here's a little sample of what you can find there. Come on down!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Edith Prock at German Fest 2006

If you did not come to German Fest in 2006, here are a few pictures of Edith Prock during the fest that year.

Here is a list of when & where Edith Prock will be appearing THIS year at Milwaukee's German Fest.

Thursday, July 24

7:00 pm Miller Lite Stage

Friday, July 25
6:45 pm German Fest Stage
9:15 pm Miller Lite Stage

Saturday, July 26
1:15 pm Sprecher Oktoberfest Stage
2:00 pm Parade
7:15 pm German Fest Stage

Sunday, July 27
3:15 pm Harley Stage
5:30 pm German Fest Stage

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Alpentrio Tirol - "Das Abendgebet der Berge"

Just got this e-mail from the Alpentrio Tirol.

Neues Album und Tournee:

„Das Abendgebet der Berge“ -

Im September 2008 werden die neue CD "Das Abendgebet der Berge" - eine Mischung aus sakral-besinnlichen und weihnachtlichen Liedern - sowie die gleichnamige DVD erscheinen.

Sie wollen bereits jetzt in die neue CD reinhören? Dann klicken Sie HIER !

Zeitgleich startet das Alpentrio Tirol die Tournee "Das Abendgebet der Berge", eine neue Konzertreihe in Kirchen mit besinnlichen Liedern aus den Bergen und sakraler Musik.

Die erfolgreiche Kirchentournee "Weihnacht in den Bergen“ wird auch heuer fortgesetzt und beginnt Ende November 2008!

Alle Termine und Informationen finden Sie auf unserer Homepage!
Neue Single:

"Auch noch mit 100 Jahren"
Die nächste Single-Auskoppelung aus dem aktuellen Album "Tränen sind Perlen" erscheint im August 08!
Die nächsten Fernsehauftritte:

22.07. 17:40, ORF 2, „Sommerzeit“ Ein Plausch mit Georg Astenwald.
27.07. 10:00, ARD, "Immer wieder Sonntag"

29.08. 20:15, SWR, „Fröhlicher Alltag“
29.08. 20:15, MDR, „Der Kahn der guten Laune“

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Schmalzlers appearing at German Fest in Milwaukee

Thursday, July 24
5:00 pm Harley Stage
7:45 pm Harley Stage

Friday, July 25
9:00 pm Harley Stage

Saturday, July 26
2:00 pm Parade
7:45 pm Sprecher Oktoberfest Stage

Sunday, July 27
1:15 pm Miller Lite Stage

Well, all you Bavarians here in the states are really in for a treat at German Fest this year. The Schmalzlers will be entertaining the crowds all 4 days this year. Here is a little slide show, just so you will recognize them better when you go to German Fest. Hopefully, they will have their latest album along (pictured above), Mit leib und Seel a Musikant. It features the song they competed with in this year's Grand Prix der Volksmusik . If you would like to see that performance, look further down on this website and you can click on the video of Kleine Marcella. Also, if you do not want to miss any of their appearances, they are listed above.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Edith Prock Interview

Remember back in 2006 when Edith Prock was performing at German Fest. Well, the Stimmung Stunde was still on the air here in Milwaukee and Tim Kretschmann did an interview with Edith at German Fest while they were sitting at one of the picnic tables on the fest grounds next to Lake Michigan. By the way, this one is all in English. Edith is quite a master at the language.

Just click here and you will be able to hear it.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

2008 German Fest Entertainers

Here is a list of Entertainers scheduled to appear at German Fest in Milwaukee this year. I have provided links to their websites. So take a look and map out a course of which entertainers you do not want to miss this year. For times and stages where they will appear, check the German Fest website.

Entertainers List

Alpen Echos
Anton aus Tirol
Austrian Express
Becky & the Ivanhoe Dutchmen
Biba und die Butzemanner
Blaskapelle Milwaukee
Cindy Hartz & Dennis Smith
Copper Box
Edith Prock
Elegant Gypsies
Freistadt Alte Kameraden
Jean Rex & Kurt von Eckroth
Johnny Hoffman Band
Johnny Wagner Band
Junge Kameraden
Kerry Christensen
Love Monkeys
Peggy Mueller
Polka Dotz
Pommersche Spaeldeel
Saddle Brook
Die Sandler

Die Schmalzler

Festa Italiana 2008

If you are planning to go to Festa Italiana this weekend (July 17 - 20) here are a few ideas of how to get discounted ticket or maybe even FREE.

VIP DAY FOR PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES - 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.People with disabilities, along with their caregivers, receive free admission, half price on all food items and free soad, while the grounds are closed to the general public. Sponsored by Summerfest.

U.S. CELLULAR DAY - 2 p.m. to closing Present your U.S. Cellular phones at the Mid Gate for free admission.

POTAWATOMI DAY - 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. Show your Fire Keeper's Club card at the Mid Gate for free admission.

FREE ADMISSION - 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.Free admission to Festa Italiana for everyone to enjoy. Courtesy of the Italian Community Center.

MILWAUKEE JOURNAL SENTINEL PRESS CARD BAY - 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.Show your PressCard at the mid Gate for free admission. Only one PressCard per person.

Performing at Festa Italiana this year is Julian Sage Miyata, a sensational 12 year old singer. You can view live performances from Julian Sage Miyata at

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sail with Reiner Kirsten to Hawaii

Those of you who just cannot decide whether or not you want to go on the Ted Hierl Hawaii cruise that will be featuring Reiner Kirsten as the entertainment, better get going. Click HERE to get all the info about this fabulous cruise in October.

If you want to see a clip of this Schwarzwald boy, click on the video below.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Edith Prock's New CD

Those of you who have become a fan of Edith Prock and seen her every time she is at Milwaukee's Germanfest, you will be happy to know that she has a new CD, Rosen aus dem Sueden. If you would like to hear a sample of these songs just click here and you can go to a website that has this CD available.

1 Rosen aus dem Süden
2 Immer unterwegs
3 Wenn zwei Herzen Feuer fangen (Annenpolka)
4 Ich brauch' kein Meer von dunkelroten Rosen
5 Der Frieden fängt im Herzen an
6 Denn dann fühlst du dich frei
7 Träume kennen keine Einsamkeit
8 Wir sollten öfters mal lachen
9 Man ist so alt wie man sich fühlt (Leichtes Blut)
10 Erklingen zum Tanze die Geigen
11 Für immer und ewig (Symphonie Nr. 4 op. 90)
12 Hörst du die Glocken von Stella Maria
If you would like to see Edith in action just click below to play this video where she performs her new hit song: Rosen aus dem Sueden.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

41st annual Germanfest in Lombard Illinois

Sacred Heart Parish is celebrating its 41st annual Germanfest. It is held in Lombard Illinois and less than a 2 hour drive from Milwaukee. Admission is FREE all four days.

Dates & hours are:
July 17 - 20, 2008

Thurs: 6 pm - 10 pm
Fri: 6 pm - 11 pm
Sat: 12 Noon - 11 pm
Sun: 12 Noon - 9 pm

This parish festival has a great lineup of entertainment at their annual 4 day fest. Our friends the Chicago Donauschwaben will be performing at this festival on Friday and hope you come out to see them.

Thursday: 7 pm - Person-to-Person
Friday: 7 pm Hirsch & Chicago Donauschwabische Dance Group
Saturday: 3 pm Hirsch
7:30 pm - Seventh Heaven
Sunday: 12 Noon - Father Dan Band
1 pm - Musical Memories
4 pm - Die Lustingen Musikanten & Egerlander Dance Troupe

The address for Sacred Heart Parish is:
114 S. Elizabeth Street (At corner of Maple & Elizabeth Sts. -- 2 block west of Main Street) Lombard, Illinois. Just put that address in at
Mapquest and it will take you right there.

German Specialty Foods featured all day: Pork Loin, Sauerkraut, German Potato Sald, Strudel & more. Beer & Wine tasting on Friday & Saturday. Lombard Illinois is only a short ride from Milwaukee. Paste in the above address in the Mapquest gadget at the bottom of this page and you will see that it is less than 2 hours.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Alpentrio Tirol in the Musikantenstadl

Those of you who watch TV from Germany (like and watched the Musikantenstadl on Saturday, July 5. You saw the Alpentrio Tirol is celebrating their 25th year as a group this year. During that performance you may have noticed an adorable little boy march up on stage wearing his very own miniture accordion and quickly stood next to Christoph. If you guessed that it was Christoph's son, Bastian, you were right. I sent an e-mail to Georg Astenwald's wife, Martina, and she verified that he was Christoph's little son. Also, during that show they mentioned that Mario and his wife, who have been married for 16 years, decided to take their vows in church and had a hugh celebration in Austria.

Those of you who traveled on the Ted Hierl cruise in 2006, will remember the Alpentrio Tirol entertained us on that cruise to the Carribean when Ritchie was still part of the group. This year the Alpentrio Tirol will be performing in Los Angeles on New Year's Eve at the Alpine Village, so you have another chance to see them here in the states. But in Milwaukee, we hope they come back to our city again.

Many people in Milwaukee remember that the Alpentrio Tirol were here in Milwaukee in 2005 and Georg Astenwald gave the Stimmung Stunde a great interview. You can listen to that interview by clicking below.