Thursday, September 10, 2015

Palacsinta Breakfast at Sacred Heart Church

Date & Time September 20, 2015 - 8:30 am - 12:20 pm

Ticket Info

No advance tickets - Pay at the door
Cost depends on the menu item you choose

If you love Palacsinta, this is the event for you. What are Palacsinta? They are the Croatian version of a crepe and they are delicious. Palacsinta is filled with either jam or cheese and there are other breakfast items available such as pork links and beverages. Here'a a sample of what you get.
Palcsinta -- Cheese: $1.50, Jam: $1.25, or Plain: $1.25
Sausage (3 links per order): $1.25
Zgance: $1.25
Sauerkraut: $1.25
Beverages (Coffee, Milk or Orange Juice): $0.75
Sacred Heart Church (Map)
917 N. 49th St. (1/2 block north of Wells St.). Milwauikee, WI 53208

Saturday, January 14, 2012

DCS - Schlachtfest

Date & Time
January 31, 2014 -- Dinner served at 6:00 pm & Program/Music begins at ?? pm

Ticket Info

Ticket Cost: $25 in Advance
Call: Eva Artmann at 262-784-3199

This annual event held by the Danube Cultural Society (DCS) will feature a Traditional Dinner Menu of Schnitzel, Sarma, Hungarian Bratwurst, Blutwurst, Knoedel, Mashed Potatoes and Coleslaw. But save room for dessert, they will be serving the traditional plate of various homemade cookies placed on each table.

This event was started by the Apatiner Verein and has been passed down to the Danube Cultural Society (also on Facebook) to keep up this time honored tradition. There will be performances by the DCS Jugendgruppe and a special guest performance by the Muller Fasching Verein.

MUSIC: Phenix Band of Chicago
For more info about this event, visit the DCS website at:
Croatian Sacred Heart Church Hall (Map)
917 N. 49th St. (just 2 blocks north of Wisconsin Ave), Milwaukee, WI 53208

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Spielmannszug - Mardi Gras Maskenball

Date & Time
January 210, 2012 - Time: Doors open at (details forthcoming)

Ticket Info

Ticket Cost: $12.00 per person
Purchase tickets at the door

Get ready to celebrate with the Spielmannszug Milwaukee's Mardi Gras by dressing up in your favorite costume. There will be fabulous prizes for the best costume and you will have a lot more fun when you dress up in a costume.

School groups are welcome.
Music: Talisman

For more info, go to the Milwaukee Spielmannszug website.

Mt. Mary College (Map)
Caroline Hall, 2900 N Menomonee River Parkway, Milwaukee, WI 53222-4597

Friday, September 23, 2011

DCS Kirchweih

Date & Time
October 8, 2011 -- Doors open 5 pm & Program begins at 7 pm

Ticket Info

Ticket Cost: $20 in Advance
Call: Eva Artmann at 262-784-3199
Dinner will be served at 6 p.m.
Menu: Rouladen, Spaetzle, Red Cabbage, Vegetables & Dessert

Johnny Hoffmann & the Herzbuben will be playing for your dancing pleasure.

This annual event held by the Danube Cultural Society (DCS) is fun for the whole family. In the past there was always food available for purchase but this year this popular dance includes a delicious Rouladen dinner. The Dinner will be served at 6 p.m. featuring Rouladen, Spaetzle, Red Cabbage Vegetables and Dessert. Don't miss this special treat.
As ususal the DCS dancers will perform after dinner. But the real fun starts when the auctioning of the Kirchweih strauss begins. Be part of the action and place a bid on the Kirchweih strauss. The big surprise comes at the end of the evening when the new "couple" is announced. Also, you can visit this group on facebook.

Croatian Sacred Heart Church Hall (Map)
917 N. 49th St. (just 2 blocks north of Wisconsin Ave), Milwaukee, WI 53208

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Spielmannszug - Bock Beer Fest

Date & Time
April 30, 2011 - Time: Doors open at 5:00 pm

Ticket Info
$6.00 in advance
Advance tickets available at: Ray's Liquor (8930 W North Ave) & Weissgerber's Old German Beer Hall (1009 N. Old World Third St).

$7.00 at the door

Children 16 & under Free when accompanied by an adult
Free Admission for Active Military with ID

Alte Kameraden Brass Band

The Spielmannszug Milwaukee is proud to present their annual Bock Beer Fest. There are beer drinking contests and a king & queen are crowned at the end of the night. But there is plenty of fun in between those contests. Take a look at the slide show below with pictures of past Bock Beer fests. There were even some surprise guests from the Klements Racing Sausages. Rumor has it that they will be appearing again this year, so be sure to bring your cameras or at least the cell phones that have a camera built in.

There will be food available for purchase. Usually some delicious sausages (like brats & knackwurst) and a lot of homemade desserts.

Of course, there will be no lack of liquid refreshment that night. After all you cannot have a beer drinking contest and not have beer, right?

For more info, go to the Milwaukee Spielmannszug website.

Hart Park (map)
7300 W. Chestnut Street, (72nd & State), Wauwatosa, WI

Friday, April 1, 2011

Blaskapelle Milwaukee - Friuhlingsfest

The Blaskapelle Milwaukee is going to celebrae Spring with their annual Fruhlingsfest. Come on out and support this new young band here in Milwaukee.

They are planning a great evening that includes dinner catered by Rupena's Fine Foods and live music featuring the Blaskapelle Milwaukee and Peggy Mueller & Friends with traditional German music.

Date & Time
May 21 , 2010 -- Doors open at 6:00 pm, Dinner served at 7:00 pm

Ticket Info
Ticket Cost: $30 in Advance
Call: Karl & Debbie Hacker at 262-251-1463

Please send your checks with a self-addressed envelope to:
N89 W17534 St. Thomas Dr.
Menomonee Falls, WI 53051

This is a dinner dance to kick off the Spring season. It features a fabulous menu catered by Rupena's Fine Foods:

Pork Loin with Gravy
Spit Roasted Chicken
Mashed Potatoes
Green Bean Almondine
Homemade Strudel
Authentic Dark Chocolate German Brownie

MUSIC: Blaskapelle Milwaukee and Peggy Mueller & Friends

For more info about this event, visit the Blaskapelle Milwaukee at:

St. Augustine Parish Hall (Map)
2025 S. 67th Place, Milwaukee, WI

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Congrats to the new Royal Couple

Last night the Rheinischer Verein, here in Milwaukee, held their season's crowning event. The new Princinpaar are Hansi & Peggy Mueller. Peggy is a well known musician here and an expert at playing the button box and Hansi accompanies here on the "spoons". We had great fun making wise cracks to poor Hansi about why doesn't your scepter have a spoon on top!

They certainly looked like royalty last night and gave the evening a special flare. Their nephew, Andy Hacker, came with his full 18 piece Blaskapelle, the Blaskapelle Milwaukee, and provided some real authentic Blasmusik. They had a special guest, Ernie Broeniman, who is the director of the Dorfkapelle. He joined the Blaskapelle and played right along with them like just another musician.

Johnny Hoffmann and the Herzbuben provided the dance music for the evening. There was
traditional music and people sang along with some of the songs. One thing different, was when some of
the youngins decided to do some Schunkeling like they do in Johnsonville. Take a look at the picture to the right; they lifted the table up above their heads, Wow!

I will be a wonderful carnival season with these two fun loving people as the royal couple. Be sure to watch/listen for this year's events. They are sure to have a few surprises.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Katie Buchert - Rest in Peace

Katie Buchert, a well known member of the Milwaukee German-American community, found peace on Friday, October 22. She battled cancer for four years and fought this dreaded disease with all her strength. Several times they thought that she had overcome the cancer and started to live a normal life, just to be struck down again. Only her family really knows what Katie went through in those four years. She had many friends, but Mom & Dad were always at her side, whether taking care of her needs or encouraging her to have hope. Her sister, Jenny, and her young family offered support whenever Katie needed them. These two sisters were very close and even vacationed together.

Many in the Milwaukee German-American community only remember Katie as a young girl. She went off to college and many never saw her again because of the private war she was waging against Cancer. What is saddest is that this lovely 26 year old girl never got to be the young lady she was destined to become and grew up far too quickly and far too difficult a path for any to follow.

Friday, October 29,
Visitation -- 3 pm to 8 pm (map)
N84 W17937 Menomonee Ave.
Menomonee Falls

Friday, October 30,
Celebration of Katie's Life -- 10 am (map)
Eastbrook Church
5385 N Green Bay Ave

Following the service will be procession to: (map)
Resurrection Cemetery
93rd & Donges Rd
Katie was part of the Danube Cultural Society and did ethnic dancing for most of her short life. The club became an extended family and also provided support during the difficult times. But most of all, they offered fun for Katie and helped her get through things with a smile on her face. Katie's mom, Mary, is the director of the dance group and was always there for Katie. Mary never gave up hope and was active in several Breast Cancer fund raisers.

Katie's Dad, Hans, was very supportive of his beautiful young daughter's plight and particiated in fundraisers for Breast Cancer Awareness at Boxhorn Gun Club each year with his fellow team mates, the DCShooters!

For more information please click here to go to JS Online announcement.

For those planning to attend the funeral or burial, the family asks that you wear something pink to denote her confrontation with Breast Cancer.

I have several pictures of Katie below and if you have some special pictures you would like included, please send them to me at
and I will try to include them.

Katie has been an inspiration for many local people to renew the battle with Breast Cancer. She passed away on Breast Cancer Day is ironic, but it has also encouraged many to fight this horrible disease in their own way.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

2010 Grand Prix der Volksmusik Vorentscheid

Well, it is that time of year where the nominees for the annual Grand Prix der Volksmusik competition finalists has been determined. As many of you know, each country (Austria, Germany, Sudtirol & Switzerland) will have 4 representatives from each country that were determined in each country's competition. Then they send those top 4 to the final competion being held in Vienna next week on August 28, 2010.

If you go to the Grand Prix website here are a few things to make note of. You will see that Rudy Giovannini (interview with Stimmung Stunde 2006) competed in Sudtirol (link to uTube)
and was accompanied by the Vinschger
(interview with Stimmung Stunde 2007). Those of you who get the DISH German shows may have seen that competition in Sud Tirol. I did not get a chance to see the Grand Prix vorentscheid for Germany because we were in Germany at the time, but I am very disappointed that Feller & Feller (interview with Stimmung Stunde 2005) did not make the finals. Hansi Feller is a very talented singer/song writer and one of my favorites.

Those of you who watch German TV will notice that Florian Fesl is in the competition with Belsy as a duo. He was on the Immer Wieder Sonntags show all summer last year and lost the competion the very last week. Birgit Langer was the lead singer with Fernando Express for many years. The band has disbanded and she is starting a solo career. I saw her in Germany when we were at the Anni & Moni 20th Anniversary show and talked to her
about her new plans to be a solo act.

Here is a list of artists and their songs that will be in the finals on August 28 in Vienna. They are in the order they came in at their own country's competition and in some cases I have links to their webpages.

Please click on the Comments at the bottom of this posting and let us know who you predict to be the winner this year.


Marco Ventre & Band -- Sehnsucht wargestern
Junge Paldauer -- A Bass, a Gitarr und a Ziehharmonika
Die Woertherseer -- Komm tanzen mi amor
Die Grubertaler -- Wenn, dann jetzt


Die Berg Kameraden -- Cantata di Montagua
Geschwester Niederbacher -- Ein Leid fur Mama
Alex Pezzei & die Groedner Alphornblaeser --

Yasmine-Melanie -- Traenen gehoeren zum Leben
Stixi & Sonja mit dem Jodelclug Alpenblueme -- Bete zu unserm Herrgott
Orig. Voralpen-Express -- Pfeif einfach drauf

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

German Fest Photos 2010

I am going to take Photos at German Fest each day, so watch this post as I keep adding photo albums to this space.

Wednesday, July 21
This was the day before German Fest started. A mini-concert was scheduled on Old World 3rd Street with all the German Entertainers.

Thursday, July 22
This was one wet day. It rained all day, but toward evening it REALLY got bad! First they shut down all the audio equipment. Then when it was reported that the weather was getting worse, they shut down everything. Our ride home from the fest grounds was a bit scary. There was a lot of flooding throughout the Milwaukee area and fear is that it will continue till tomorrow. All the pictures are mostly of the rain. I think the Butzenmaenner actually played for a little while, but the 30th Anniversary showcase never got started. Let's all hope that the weather will soon get better.

Friday, July 23
The sun was shinning all day. I have several pictures of the Blaskappelle Milwaukee in this bunch of pictures and the German singers showcase.
Saturday, July 24
I am short on time, but I wanted to get Saturday's pictures posted before I go down to the fest grounds. I will be updating these pictures next week.

Sunday, July 25, 2010
Last day of German Fest. I have to get up on Monday at 4:30 am to start work at 6 am, but I wanted to get these pictures out for everyone. During the week I will return to the website to add captions. But in the meantime here are the pictures.
Please remember you can just click on the slide show and it will take you directly into the album on Picasa. Then find the photo you want to download -- right click on the photo and download it to your computer. It's all FREE. Love that Picasa.


Sunday, July 18, 2010

German Fest in Milwaukee is almost here

I have not posted much about German Fest this year. I did not feel the need, because they have finally started using their website and posting much more information than they ever have in the past. If you are looking for deals or specials on some of the days, please be sure to go the the German Fest website. However, I did not want disappoint some of my readers and give you a little more info about the info this year. Also, I like to provide links to the artists' webpages, so if you would like more info on some of them it is available. (German Fest website does not provide them). I am not going to list the local acts this year, because it would just take too much space.

30th Anniversary Showcase - When you see this in the program it will include only entertainment from Europe. Such as, Claudia & Alexx, Francy B, Geschwister David, Golden Sixties Band, Max Lechner, Armin Stoeckl, and Regina Thoss
Claudia & Alexx - Those of you who attended the Christmas show in Milwaukee (or in Chicago) will notice that Claudia has a NEW Alexx. I am providing a picture taken by my friend, Maria Olligies, who sent this to me in April. Most of the previous advertising from German Fest did not provide this info, but I am happy to see that they updated their website recently. Also, here is a link to YouTube where Claudia is doing a single, Lass uns Fliegen. Personally I think she does not need to be a Duo. Her voice is very strong and can stand alone, but I guess everyone needs a gimmick. Click Here for Claudia's facebook page.

Francy B - This is a new name to me. I have not seen her on German TV, asked my friend in Germany about her and she is unfamiliar to her also. Not sure what kind of music she does, so it should be interesting.

Geschwister David - Recently the Geschwister David have been on Stefan Mross's Immer Wieder Sonntag's TV show, where they competed with their new song, Ach wär doch immerzu nur Sommer. It should be a treat to see these two talented girls. They usually seem to wear dirndls but I don't know if they yodel.

Golden Sixties Band - Again, this is band I am unfamiliar with. Robert Deglau has been advertising on his Continental Showcase that, of course, they play the oldies. He has played some cuts on his radio show and they sound very good.

Max Lechner - Max Lechner has appeared several times in the Chicago area, courtesy of Armin Homann, who is a DJ there. Max also brings other entertainers with him that he manages, such as Armin Stoeckl. Max was in Milwaukee for the Christmas show in 2008 and is happy to return to Milwaukee. Robert Deglau has invited Max to co-hosting the radio show, Continental Showcase, on Saturday, July 24, from the festival grounds.

Armin Stoeckl - The first time I saw Armin Stoeckl was in 2007 at Lake Villa. He was in a show with Romy, who has been on many German TV shows. Armin has some very nice songs and Robert Deglau has been playing them faithfully every week on his radio show, Continental Showcase. Robert invited Armin Stoeckl to do a Christmas show in Milwaukee in 2008. Max Lechner organized the Christmas tour and also had Birgit Pless in the show. This same show appeared in the Chicago area and there are many people in our area who have seen Armin Stoeckl in the past. Robert has been telling everyone to be sure and catch Armin's rendition of Elvis; he says it is a show stopper.

Regina Thoss - I do not know this entertainer either, but I like her website. It is easy to move around in and she looks like she has been around a long time. I saw a picture of her with the late Ted Hierl† (whom she identifies as Fred Hierl) in 1993 when she was in New Jersey. So this is not the first time she has been to the US.

Biba und Die Butzenmaenner - This is a group from Germany, but is not part of the showcase listed above. They were at German Fest about 2 years ago. They play a little more American style music and is there for the younger crowd. If you are over 50, don't expect to sing along with the songs they play. The picture to the left was taken when they were at German Fest last time. Elmar drove them around last time and found them polite and appreciative. Although the old like I had for these guys has been changed, when they arrived, I asked for the new web address. So just click on the link above & you will go straight to their website.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Continuing our Germany bus tour

On May 10, we visited Wartburg. This is where Martin Luther translated the Bible into the German language. It is a beautiful spot with a fantastic view. That evening we had quit a line-up of entertainment. It started with a glass blowing demonstration with Wiilly and Regina Knoth. They have been to Milwaukee's German Fest and Willy is also part of the Sandlers. Willy is also a single entertainer and did a show for us that night. Felix Reuter did classical music with a comedic flare and had us all laughing. He is quite a talented young pianist. Then it was Mandy Bach's turn. She is a charming, pretty young women and she really got the guys to sit up straight in their chairs. Our friend, Henry, really liked her and we proceeded to tease him about it the rest of the trip. She has some nice songs and you can find more info about Mandy Bach on her website. Here is a link to the pictures we took there. .

May 11, we toured the town of Weimar, the birthplace of Goethe and we toured the city of Erfurt. The statue of Goethe & Schiller was especially interesting to us because a replica stood in Milwaukee in Washington park for many years. It was a very busy day, but it ended on a high note when we went to dinner to the Christoffelhaus. The food was from that period as well and was delicious. The menu offered such things as: Sackpfeifenschmaus, Schrotfladen mit Schwarz bierfleisch and Grill Haxe in Schwarzbiersosse. The servers were dressed in medieval period costumes. There was a lot of audience participation and we had a lot of fun that night. Pictured on the left is Siegelinde, who together with Otto documented our trip for the newspaper, New Yorker Staats-Zeitung. I found their account of this trip priceless in bringing back memories, providing details and helping me sort through all my photos. To see the pictures from that day's activities... .

May 12, again Peter & Gisela had us busy from morning till evening. We visited a traditional factory of Erzgebirge Holzkunst. They had wonderful handmade wood figurines, Christmas ornaments and just a variety of wood carvings. I did some great shopping here. Then we went spent the rest of the day in the city of Dresden. I was very impressed with this city; it had been severely bombed during the war and I was amazed at how they rebuilt the Frauen Kirche. We came back to our hotel for dinner and Heidi (formerly Heidi & Heiko who appeared several times at the Milwaukee German Fest) was waiting for us. She entertained our group that evening and even one of our group, Wolfgang Ribbert, sang a few songs for us that evening. Wolfgang is a former opera singer and has organized many music shows with German singers in the Ohio area. Wolfgang documented our trip and has 2 DVD's available of our trip. for the pictures.

May 13, we traveled to the Harz Mountains and had a ride a steam engine "bimmelbahn". The scenery was great, but it was cold that day and we even found a mound of snow that had not melted yet. We were served dinner a typical Harzer platte which included a variety of regional specialties (including schmalz) and the well-known Harzer cheese. Werner Sturm & the Zackels entertained us that evening. Photos:

May 14, we visited the Basilica Vierzehnheiligen. A resident monk greeted us and addressed our group for about 30 minutes explaining the history of this very impressive church. Then the men went in search of having an authentic Kloster Beer. Next was a stop at Hummel. We were greeted by the new president of Hummel, who is not longer part of Goebel. He is a Delaware native and addressed our group in English. He showed us a short film documenting the history of Hummel and then the best part... SHOPPING!!! The tour continued on to Peter's hometown, Steinach. We welcomed by the mayor of Steinach and the town choir sang a few songs for us. Then it was a short hike to the Waldhaus where Peter spent many hours playing his beloved button box for guests there. Peter's mother had made the potatoe salad for our group. Peter's band, the Sandlers, was in charge of cooking the authentic Thuringer sausages. It was an evening that was certainly full of stimmung and ended with entertainment by the Sandlers. for the photos of Steinach and to see the pictures of the Basilica & Hummel.

May 15, we traveled to our 3rd (and last) hotel in Landau. We saw beautiful scenery on our way to the hotel as we drove through the Pfalz. We quickly freshened up and got ready for the big show in the evening of Anni and Moni's 20th anniversary. Because this was a very full program, I will do a separate posting of this day's activities.

May 16: Because the previous night was a late party night we were able to sleep a little longer. This was a Sunday and many things are closed on Sundays, but we went to Heidelberg. Since it is a tourist town, there were many shops open and of course the Castle was open. Because I had seen the castle already twice, I chose to spend my time in town. The views down the little side streets were so quaint and I also enjoyed people watching while Elmar went to the castle. We each had our own cameras and were able to take pictures of both locations. Here are the Photos:

May 17, was our last full day of touring. We went to the Black Forest via the Schwarzwaldhochstrasse where we saw many of the typical Black Forest style homes. We stopped in Triberg and saw the largest working Cuckoo clock in the world. I ate an authentic Black Forest torte in Triberg and it was delicious. Then we were invited to a local Schwarzwald club who maintains the traditions of the Black Forest. They explained their beautiful trachts and their time honored traditions. Also, there were two local singers who entertained that afternoon. Here are the pictures:

May 18, was the last day of our tour and I will do a separate posting for this day.

I would like to thank Gisela Lewis and Peter Matthai for putting together such a fantastic bus tour. Every day was filled with many activities, sites and, of course, music. We know that there was a waiting list for this trip, but I heard that there is already a waiting list for next year's trip to the upper part of Italy (Sudtirol). However, if you are interest in next year's tour, please contact Gisela because she is contemplating having a 2nd tour if there is enough interest.