Sunday, February 17, 2008

New Look for the Stimmung Stunde Website

Next month it will be one year since Tim Kretschmann broadcasted the last Stimmung Stunde here in Milwaukee on WJYI. Tim has gone on to doing other things such as running the TKPN Podcast network where he produces the Police on the Scene with a Crime Prevention Lean podcast and has won the WCPPA award in 2007 for that podcast. He is still involved with the Pageant world and does the Pagaent Cast podcast. He has traveled to several cities to serve as an MC or judge at various beauty pageants since he left the Stimmung Stunde. There are links to these websites on this page along the left sidebar and on our Links page.

Tim has been training me on how to maintain the Stimmung Stunde website and I want to thank him for all his patience during that process. My son, Tim, spent 17 years hosting the Stimmung Stunde and had many memorable moments that were captured on his website. I did not want to see that go away, so he is letting me maintain this website in a new style. I have changed the website's look and its content. I hope that the people who previously enjoyed the old website will also visit the new website as well. As Tim has taught me, it is important to update the website regularly and I promise to keep to Tim's philosophy of how to maintain a website.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

I thought I would take a moment to thank my very special Valentine, my mother, for slowly taking the reins and taking over the Stimmung Stunde website.

Now, ol' Pumpkinhead doesn't really know it yet, but she is taking over a pretty old website in website years. Not much of what you see out there hearkens back to 1996, but this website does and has always been at the bleeding edge of web technology for its time and has faithfully brought good information about the Milwaukee German Community.

I will still, on occassion, still throw a message here or there--but this will primarily be Marta's baby and I'll try to keep my fingers off.

So to all of you, Happy Valentine's Day, but mostly to you, Marta Kretschmann--my wonderful mother!