Friday, March 6, 2009

Siegfried and Roy Final Performance in Las Vegas

Many of you have probably watched the 20/20 show on abc tonight that did a special show featuring Siegfried & Roy's final performance in Las Vegas. When Roy Horn was mauled by a tiger during a performance, many thought he would never be on stage again. Roy has made a fabulous recovery and although he is very limited he was able to take the stage again with his beloved partner Siegfried at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. What a tribute to the strong friendship these superstars have displayed. I found several clips on YouTube that have various cuts from their fabulous career and have links listed below.

This clip is the news release on abc that shows several clips from the 20/20 show that was broadcast tonight:

Here is a clip that was aired in Germany on their news station:

Here's a clip from interviews with stars that attended the final performance:

This clip is from the Discovery Channel that analyizes the attack on Roy by the Tiger during that fateful night:

Here is the interview that Siegfried & Roy with Barbara Walters:

German TV visits Siegfried & Roy at home:

When you get to YouTube just do a search on Siegfried & Roy to see what other videos you might find.