Friday, July 24, 2009

Thursday at German Fest

Milwaukee's German Fest opened last night and the crowd was treated to FREE admission and fabulous entertainment. The Widderstein Buaba/Oberallgau Musikanten are a fantastic show band and had everyone hopping to the newest music in the Volksmusik scene and a lot of old favorites as well. Hans (Big John) is pictured to the left; he really gets into his music. The program said Widderstein Buaba, but this is a combination of 2 bands: Widdersteiner and Oberallgau Musikanten for when they play big festivals. They seemed to get their own groupees before long and if you would like to sign the Widderstiner guestbook or/and Oberallgau Musikanten guestbook to let them know how much you enjoyed their performance click on the guestbook links above.

Styrina from Austria is the headliner at German Fest this year and had the crowd (especially the men) mesmerized. Her long beautiful blond hair had trouble keeping up with her as she flew around the stage. We saw this talented singer during our Bus Tour in Austria and there is a short video of Styrina in the side bar on the left. Styrina is a beautiful young woman, but she has been on stage for many years. A friend of mine brought a tape of her from when she was only 12 years old.

The Sandlers, who I often refer to as the "red shirts", had the people on their feet and dancing. Peter, who is the leader of the band, was also our tour guide when we were on our bus tour in May. He was a great tour guide, but he is a fantastic muscian. He brought 4 talented muscians with him and we are so grateful that they were at our house entertaining our guests. We are proud to say that they have also become very good friends of ours.

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