Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bock Beer Fest - Pictures

Well, Bock Beer Fest was lots of fun again this year. Of course there was plenty of beer, but there was some great food as well. Besides the usual Bock Wurst & Bratwurst, if you were lucky you could get Russ' attention and get a Landjaeger wurst from him on his fancy wurst pole that he carries proudly every year.
Just as our friend Pete promised, the Klements racing sausages made an appearance. Or perhaps I should say the dancing sausages. The people crowded around them to get a quick photo or just a fun time with them dancing around the dance floor. However, I did not see them having a beer, although I am sure they were very thirsty after all that dancing. I think I even saw some of the DCS dancers giving the sausages a spin.

For several years now, the Danube Cultural Society (DCS) has entertained the crowd with their ethnic dancing. It might be a peppy polka or a beautiful waltz. With the geat popularity of Dancing with the Stars the last few years, dancing has gotten a lot of attention at these gatherings. The DCS were happy to see so many appreciative viewers and hope to get some help with their fund raising efforts to go to dance in Disney World later this year.

As it is custom every year, there were the beer drinking contests during the evening. Somehow they never had a lack of contestants. Well, of course the fact that the beer was free might have something to do with it. However, the Milwaukee Spielmannszug does a great job promoting that people drink responsibly and offer a designated driver program for those folks like me that do not drink (beer). I simply drank soda that evening and it was a enjoyable evening for me as well.
If you missed it this year, I am sure it will be held again next year. This event seems to be growing every year.