Sunday, June 22, 2008

Lake Villa German Musik Festival

We just got back from the German Musik Festival in Lake Villa, Illinois that is hosted by Armin Homann. There were about 400 people there. If you love German music, and you were not there, you really missed a great show. The entertainment this year was just outstanding. The headliner was Gunther Behrle and he did not disappoint anyone. He told us that he was celebrating 20 years since his Hit, Patrona Bavaria, came out and that over 20 million copies have been sold. Both Petra Boeck and Josef Holzmann were great entertainers and really had the crowd going. If you ever see either of these 2 names, be sure to see them. It will be hard to wait till next year to see what Armin Homann lines up to entertain us. Take a look at some of the pictures we took.