Sunday, October 24, 2010

Katie Buchert - Rest in Peace

Katie Buchert, a well known member of the Milwaukee German-American community, found peace on Friday, October 22. She battled cancer for four years and fought this dreaded disease with all her strength. Several times they thought that she had overcome the cancer and started to live a normal life, just to be struck down again. Only her family really knows what Katie went through in those four years. She had many friends, but Mom & Dad were always at her side, whether taking care of her needs or encouraging her to have hope. Her sister, Jenny, and her young family offered support whenever Katie needed them. These two sisters were very close and even vacationed together.

Many in the Milwaukee German-American community only remember Katie as a young girl. She went off to college and many never saw her again because of the private war she was waging against Cancer. What is saddest is that this lovely 26 year old girl never got to be the young lady she was destined to become and grew up far too quickly and far too difficult a path for any to follow.

Friday, October 29,
Visitation -- 3 pm to 8 pm (map)
N84 W17937 Menomonee Ave.
Menomonee Falls

Friday, October 30,
Celebration of Katie's Life -- 10 am (map)
Eastbrook Church
5385 N Green Bay Ave

Following the service will be procession to: (map)
Resurrection Cemetery
93rd & Donges Rd
Katie was part of the Danube Cultural Society and did ethnic dancing for most of her short life. The club became an extended family and also provided support during the difficult times. But most of all, they offered fun for Katie and helped her get through things with a smile on her face. Katie's mom, Mary, is the director of the dance group and was always there for Katie. Mary never gave up hope and was active in several Breast Cancer fund raisers.

Katie's Dad, Hans, was very supportive of his beautiful young daughter's plight and particiated in fundraisers for Breast Cancer Awareness at Boxhorn Gun Club each year with his fellow team mates, the DCShooters!

For more information please click here to go to JS Online announcement.

For those planning to attend the funeral or burial, the family asks that you wear something pink to denote her confrontation with Breast Cancer.

I have several pictures of Katie below and if you have some special pictures you would like included, please send them to me at
and I will try to include them.

Katie has been an inspiration for many local people to renew the battle with Breast Cancer. She passed away on Breast Cancer Day is ironic, but it has also encouraged many to fight this horrible disease in their own way.