Thursday, January 8, 2009

Lisa Holzmann will be on Krone der Volksmusik this Saturday

You might remember when Josef Holzmann appeared in Lake Villa, Illinois last June at the German-American Musik Festival. He is a very popular singer in Germany and spent a week in the Chicago area along with Gunther Behrle & Petra Boeck. Well Josef also has a very talented 11 year old daughter, Lisa. Gunther Behrle who also appeared at the German-American Musik Festival , and is famous for writting "Patrona Bavarea", recommended Lisa join a competition, which she won!

Lisa will be appearing on Saturday, January 10, on the Krone der Volksmusik. It is being broadcast LIVE on ARD at 20:15 German time. For those of you who subscribe to Shift TV be sure to record this program. We certainly will be watching and hope that this talented 11 year old does well. Lisa has often appeared with her dad on stage, but this performance will be ALL LISA. The people in Germany will be able to vote for their favorite Newcomer, so let your relatives know in Germany to vote for Lisa Holzmann.

Fur unsre Deutsch Sprache lesser, bitte vote fur Lisa Holzmann als Newcomer an Samstag, an Die Krone der Volksmusik . Toi Toi Toi, Lisa!

Here is a picture of Lisa's proud parents, Josef & Beate Holzmann, when Josef was performing at Lake Villa, Illinois (near Chicago) in June.

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