Saturday, August 30, 2008

Grand Prix der Volksmusik Results

I am lucky enough to have a friend, Maria Olligies, who was in Zurich to
watch the Grand Prix der Volksmusik live. Maria was the Talent Coordinator for the Stimmung Stunde and arranged for us to have some great interviews with a lot of stars in Europe.

Well I just might be the first person in the USA to find out the results of the Grand Prix der Volksmusik. Maria sent me a text message with the names of the top 3 winners, and here they are:

1. Die Klostertaler --- Heimat is dort wo die Berge sind
2. Vincent & Fernando --- Glaube an Gott
3. Oesch's die Dritten --- Die Jodel-Sprache

It was a real nail bitter because the Klostertaler and Vincent & Fernando both had 35 points at the end. Then they had a tie breaker, but they both had the same number of points. Then they announced that there had been a jury that voted also as a tie breaker and then the Klostertaler were declared the winners.

I was so very disappointed because I really wanted our friends, Vincent & Fernando, to win first place this time. They won 2nd place in 2006 & 2007 and now again in 2008. They were so very close! Just take a look at the video I posted of their song further in this blog.

If you want some more details, just go to the official website showing the total points each participant received.