Wednesday, August 27, 2008

105th Harley Celebration

Milwaukee will be buzzing this weekend. It is the 105th Harley-Davidson anniversary and the streets are already starting to show the signs of motorcycle enthusiasts.

The Harley museum here in Milwaukee opened in July and is anxiously awaiting a packed house this weekend. There are a lot of various activities all over the city and the news shows have been full of stories. If you would like to see some of the videos that Channel 4 has on their website just
or take a look at the Harley-Davidson site

There is one man who decorated his Harley with 105 US flags. There are stories of how far people have traveled just so they can be part of this celebration.

Those of us who live here try to be careful when we are driving, because most of our 2-wheeled visitors are not familiar with our city and are just here to have fun. Even my friend, Irene, is going to have fun this weekend.