Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Fonz in Bronze

Yesterday, August 19, Milwaukee had a pretty busy day. The long awaited Marquette interchange was finally finished and had a ribbon cutting ceremony with Wisconsin's Governor Doyle to open the freeway under budget and earlier than expected.

But that was not the big story all over TV. Henry Winkler, who played "the Fonz" on Happy Days for many years, was in town along with most of the shows cast members. He was invited to take place in the Dedication ceremony for the unveiling of the Bronze Fonz statue.

If you would like to read the stories and see lots of videos and news coverage, just
and the link will take you to Channel 4's WTMJ website with all sorts of info about the event.

The day's events included a parade with Happy Days cast members riding in vintage cars from downtown Milwaukee to the Miller Park stadium. Anson Williams (Potsie) sang the national anthem to start off the baseball game. The picture to the right has Henry Winkler in front of the Bronz Fonz along with his two sons who were here to help their Dad celebrate.