Sunday, August 31, 2008

Congratulations "Semmi' & Ilona

Today I was listening the Ted Hierl's Radio show on the internet. Ted Hierl, a well-known radio announcer in New Jersey/Pennsylvania/New York, has organized cruises with famous German entertainers for 20 years. Those of you who have been on these cruises the last few years have gotten to know the Elstertaler band and especially "Semmi" & Ilona. Ted announced that Wolfgang Semmler & Elona were recently married in Essbach, Thuringen. Semmi & Ilona have been on many of these cruises and Semmi coordinates the entertainers and the Elstertaler Musikanten. Ted also played a taped interview with Semmi while he & his wife, Hilde, attended the wedding in Germany.

They will be on the next cruise in October that is going to Hawaii featuring Reiner Kirsten. So if you are going on the cruise to Hawaii be sure to congratulate them on their long awaited marriage.

If you would like to send the happy couple an e-mail of congratulations, just click below.