Sunday, July 18, 2010

German Fest in Milwaukee is almost here

I have not posted much about German Fest this year. I did not feel the need, because they have finally started using their website and posting much more information than they ever have in the past. If you are looking for deals or specials on some of the days, please be sure to go the the German Fest website. However, I did not want disappoint some of my readers and give you a little more info about the info this year. Also, I like to provide links to the artists' webpages, so if you would like more info on some of them it is available. (German Fest website does not provide them). I am not going to list the local acts this year, because it would just take too much space.

30th Anniversary Showcase - When you see this in the program it will include only entertainment from Europe. Such as, Claudia & Alexx, Francy B, Geschwister David, Golden Sixties Band, Max Lechner, Armin Stoeckl, and Regina Thoss
Claudia & Alexx - Those of you who attended the Christmas show in Milwaukee (or in Chicago) will notice that Claudia has a NEW Alexx. I am providing a picture taken by my friend, Maria Olligies, who sent this to me in April. Most of the previous advertising from German Fest did not provide this info, but I am happy to see that they updated their website recently. Also, here is a link to YouTube where Claudia is doing a single, Lass uns Fliegen. Personally I think she does not need to be a Duo. Her voice is very strong and can stand alone, but I guess everyone needs a gimmick. Click Here for Claudia's facebook page.

Francy B - This is a new name to me. I have not seen her on German TV, asked my friend in Germany about her and she is unfamiliar to her also. Not sure what kind of music she does, so it should be interesting.

Geschwister David - Recently the Geschwister David have been on Stefan Mross's Immer Wieder Sonntag's TV show, where they competed with their new song, Ach wär doch immerzu nur Sommer. It should be a treat to see these two talented girls. They usually seem to wear dirndls but I don't know if they yodel.

Golden Sixties Band - Again, this is band I am unfamiliar with. Robert Deglau has been advertising on his Continental Showcase that, of course, they play the oldies. He has played some cuts on his radio show and they sound very good.

Max Lechner - Max Lechner has appeared several times in the Chicago area, courtesy of Armin Homann, who is a DJ there. Max also brings other entertainers with him that he manages, such as Armin Stoeckl. Max was in Milwaukee for the Christmas show in 2008 and is happy to return to Milwaukee. Robert Deglau has invited Max to co-hosting the radio show, Continental Showcase, on Saturday, July 24, from the festival grounds.

Armin Stoeckl - The first time I saw Armin Stoeckl was in 2007 at Lake Villa. He was in a show with Romy, who has been on many German TV shows. Armin has some very nice songs and Robert Deglau has been playing them faithfully every week on his radio show, Continental Showcase. Robert invited Armin Stoeckl to do a Christmas show in Milwaukee in 2008. Max Lechner organized the Christmas tour and also had Birgit Pless in the show. This same show appeared in the Chicago area and there are many people in our area who have seen Armin Stoeckl in the past. Robert has been telling everyone to be sure and catch Armin's rendition of Elvis; he says it is a show stopper.

Regina Thoss - I do not know this entertainer either, but I like her website. It is easy to move around in and she looks like she has been around a long time. I saw a picture of her with the late Ted Hierl† (whom she identifies as Fred Hierl) in 1993 when she was in New Jersey. So this is not the first time she has been to the US.

Biba und Die Butzenmaenner - This is a group from Germany, but is not part of the showcase listed above. They were at German Fest about 2 years ago. They play a little more American style music and is there for the younger crowd. If you are over 50, don't expect to sing along with the songs they play. The picture to the left was taken when they were at German Fest last time. Elmar drove them around last time and found them polite and appreciative. Although the old like I had for these guys has been changed, when they arrived, I asked for the new web address. So just click on the link above & you will go straight to their website.