Monday, December 1, 2008

Weihnachts Show presented by Robert Deglau

Saturday night was the Weihnachts Show presented by Robert Deglau of Continental Showcase. A big thank you to Robert for inviting Elmar & I backstage before the show so we could meet the performers personnally. We already knew Armin Stoeckl from 1-1/2 years ago in Lake Villa German Music Festival held the last weekend of June each year that is hosted by Armin Homann, but it was nice to talk to Max Lechner and Birgit Pless. Max told us about the last time he was in Chicago and had a serious heart attack that hospitalized him. Therefore this will be his farwell performance on this tour and then go into retirement, concentrating on managing Armin Stoeckl's career.

The show was a 2 part program. The first part featured popular schlager and heimat lieder performed by all three entertainers. First was Max Lechner and he sang several songs composed by Robert Jung. Max charmed the audience with many old favorites and many were singing along with him. Next, Birgit Pless sang both new and old favorites, more the schlager type of song. Then Armin Stoeckl came on stage and surprised everyone with his beautiful deep tones. Recently, Armin won the Deutsche Rock & Pop award and performed his popular Lady Manana along with popular songs. Then the very talented band played some music while the performance made a costume change.

The second half of the show was the Christmas program. Again, Max Lechner started off the show and soon had the whole audience singing along with him. When Birgit Pless appeared in her cute little Santa outfit you saw all the men stretch their necks to get a better view. She sang her popular Christmas song entitled Weihnachtsrose. When Armin Stoeckl came on stage she made sure that he looked a little more festive. She had a pair of Santa boxer shorts for him that actually matched her outfit very well and topped him off with a Santa hat.

At the end of the show the 3 performers lead the audience in a medley of favorite old Christmas songs and even got Armin Homan and Robert Deglau to join them on stage. And of course, the last song was Silent Night (Stille Nacht).

After the show the 2 man band played music for the dancing pleasure of the audience. As always the German performers made themselves very available for pictures, audigraphs, and just chating with the fans. It was a very nice evening and a nice way to start off the Christmas season. We hope that Robert Deglau will be able to continue to bring German entertainers to Milwaukee.
Below you will find a slide show of pictures taken both during the show and afterwards. If you want to download any of these pictures, just go to the Slideshow website and download them for free.

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Petra said...

Thank you for nicely summarizing the lovely evening at the Weihnachts Show. The talented singers brought a smile to everyone's face and it was a nice way to start the Christmas season. - Petra Theurich