Monday, July 28, 2008

Sunday at German Fest

Sunday was the last day of German Fest 2008. I was lucky enough to help the Sandlers/Die Fichtler Buam sell their CDs during the fest. They were a very energetic band and by Sunday they already had their own following. If you were one of the people who enjoyed the Sandlers/Die Fichtler Buam, you can see them one more time before they return to Germany in Toledo, Ohio at the German-American Festival on August 22, 23 & 24. Click on the link and you will see our own Peggy Mueller is also playing at the German-American Festival. If you look at the Friday report below, it has a picture of Peggy & Peter when the Sandlers/Die Fichtler Buam surprised her during her performance on the Musikanten Garten stage, along with the leader of the Milwaukee Blaskapelle, Andy Hacker.

If you would like to see the pictures I took on Sunday, click HERE and it will take you to my webshots pictures. You will see mostly the entertainers in these pictures, because quite honestly, that's my favorite.

Hey were you wondering what kind of press coverage German Fest got this year on local Milwaukee TV stations, take a look at the links I have listed below.

Channel 4, WTMJ: Biba & the Buetzemaenner, & Pommerische Tanzdeel,

Channel 6, Fox: Schmalzlers, Biba & the Buetzemaenner, Pommerische Tanzdeel, & Anton aus Tirol

Channel 12, WISN: Various slideshows & videos of German Fest