Friday, May 23, 2008

2008 Grand Prix der Volksmusik Finalists

I just finished listening to a live broadcast of the Grand Prix der Volksmusik from Sudtirol in Algund, Italy. They were the last ones to hold there preliminary contest that determines the 4 finalists that will be going to Zurich, Switzerland on August 30.
Check out the final standings of each country that is participating listed below.
Sorry to say the Schmalzlers are not in the finalists, but they will be coming to the Milwaukee German Fest in July 2008. However, many people in Milwaukee and the people who attended Ted Hierl's Cruise last year will be happy to see that the Schaefers made it to the finals. If you would like to hear the interview that the Schaefers gave to the Stimmung Stunde back in 2005, click here -1, 2, 3, Video.

Of course, my favorites are the brother duo, Vincent & Fernando. They were the first entertainers that gave the Stimmung Stunde an interview and you can still hear that interview by clicking here - 1, 2, 3. Here is a link to Maria Olliges' fan club page, who was the Talent Coordinator for the Stimmung Stunde and still ver active in the Volksmusik world.
If you would like to see what this year's contestents look like and in many cases sound like, click on the links below. Which one do you think will be the grand prize winner this year?

Udo Wenders --- Der Letzte Zug, Cara mia
Die Klostertaler --- Heimat is dort wo die Berge sind
4 Holterbuam & Die Mayrhofner --- Tiroler - Steirer Musimix
Stodertaler Gaudi-Express --- Volksmusik mus es sein
Captain Cook --- Ich den so gern an meine Mutter
Die Schaefer --- Glaube ist...
...Die Jungen Orig. Oberkrainer --- Vom Egerland bis Oberkrain
Dorfrocker --- Und ab geht die Luzzi
Sauguat --- Der Schaefer vom Schnalstal (Disqualified) .
Bergfeuer & Judith --- Liebe ist ein Kind der Freiheit
Vincent & Fernando --- Glaube an Gott
Geschwister Niederbacher --- Die Alte Madonna
Bergdiamanten - Ein bisschen Gottvertrauen
Oesch's die Dritten --- Die Jodel-Sprache
...Los Brillantes Paraguayos --- Lueg a moi
Christian Duss --- Komm ich zeige dir dei Sterne
Manuela Fellner & Urs Meier --- Lauf dem Glueck nicht hinterher