Monday, July 7, 2008

Alpentrio Tirol in the Musikantenstadl

Those of you who watch TV from Germany (like and watched the Musikantenstadl on Saturday, July 5. You saw the Alpentrio Tirol is celebrating their 25th year as a group this year. During that performance you may have noticed an adorable little boy march up on stage wearing his very own miniture accordion and quickly stood next to Christoph. If you guessed that it was Christoph's son, Bastian, you were right. I sent an e-mail to Georg Astenwald's wife, Martina, and she verified that he was Christoph's little son. Also, during that show they mentioned that Mario and his wife, who have been married for 16 years, decided to take their vows in church and had a hugh celebration in Austria.

Those of you who traveled on the Ted Hierl cruise in 2006, will remember the Alpentrio Tirol entertained us on that cruise to the Carribean when Ritchie was still part of the group. This year the Alpentrio Tirol will be performing in Los Angeles on New Year's Eve at the Alpine Village, so you have another chance to see them here in the states. But in Milwaukee, we hope they come back to our city again.

Many people in Milwaukee remember that the Alpentrio Tirol were here in Milwaukee in 2005 and Georg Astenwald gave the Stimmung Stunde a great interview. You can listen to that interview by clicking below.