Saturday, August 21, 2010

2010 Grand Prix der Volksmusik Vorentscheid

Well, it is that time of year where the nominees for the annual Grand Prix der Volksmusik competition finalists has been determined. As many of you know, each country (Austria, Germany, Sudtirol & Switzerland) will have 4 representatives from each country that were determined in each country's competition. Then they send those top 4 to the final competion being held in Vienna next week on August 28, 2010.

If you go to the Grand Prix website here are a few things to make note of. You will see that Rudy Giovannini (interview with Stimmung Stunde 2006) competed in Sudtirol (link to uTube)
and was accompanied by the Vinschger
(interview with Stimmung Stunde 2007). Those of you who get the DISH German shows may have seen that competition in Sud Tirol. I did not get a chance to see the Grand Prix vorentscheid for Germany because we were in Germany at the time, but I am very disappointed that Feller & Feller (interview with Stimmung Stunde 2005) did not make the finals. Hansi Feller is a very talented singer/song writer and one of my favorites.

Those of you who watch German TV will notice that Florian Fesl is in the competition with Belsy as a duo. He was on the Immer Wieder Sonntags show all summer last year and lost the competion the very last week. Birgit Langer was the lead singer with Fernando Express for many years. The band has disbanded and she is starting a solo career. I saw her in Germany when we were at the Anni & Moni 20th Anniversary show and talked to her
about her new plans to be a solo act.

Here is a list of artists and their songs that will be in the finals on August 28 in Vienna. They are in the order they came in at their own country's competition and in some cases I have links to their webpages.

Please click on the Comments at the bottom of this posting and let us know who you predict to be the winner this year.


Marco Ventre & Band -- Sehnsucht wargestern
Junge Paldauer -- A Bass, a Gitarr und a Ziehharmonika
Die Woertherseer -- Komm tanzen mi amor
Die Grubertaler -- Wenn, dann jetzt


Die Berg Kameraden -- Cantata di Montagua
Geschwester Niederbacher -- Ein Leid fur Mama
Alex Pezzei & die Groedner Alphornblaeser --

Yasmine-Melanie -- Traenen gehoeren zum Leben
Stixi & Sonja mit dem Jodelclug Alpenblueme -- Bete zu unserm Herrgott
Orig. Voralpen-Express -- Pfeif einfach drauf


gringo said...

Eine sehr schöne Seite kann ich nur sagen. Ich bin selbst ein großer Fan der Volksmusik.

Weiter so


Sunil Chowdhary said...

Very sad that the Grand Prix Volsmusik will be discontinued in the current form. Any idea whether it will continue in future?