Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Marc Pircher fills the Hall in Berumerfehn

Our dear friend and former Talent Coordinator for the Stimmung Stunde, Maria Olligies, teamed up with Stefan Behrends to present the 2nd annual Musikparade. This year Marc Pircher provided the music on September 7 in Berumerfehn, Germany.

The hall had been sold out for months and as usual, Marc Pircher, had the place hopping. Just take a look at the pictures that are posted at Stefan Behrends website.

Next Maria has been getting ready for October 2 where she is producing an evening with Vincent & Fernando, who placed 2nd in the Grand Prix der Volksmusik for the 3rd year in a row. Vincent & Fernando had a beautiful song "Glaube an Gott" that was written by Gunter Behrle. If anyone is planning on being in Germany on October 2, give Maria a call to put some tickets aside for you. Vincent & Fernando will be appearing at the Hotel Hagen in Haren Germany. Maria, and her husband, Heinz, got some very nice local coverage in the newspaper. Just double click on the newspaper articles below, so you can read them.
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