Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Congratulations Richard Dahm

If you were watching the Emmy show on Sunday, you probably found it to be the same as usual. But in our family it was something really special. Richard Dahm won an Emmy as the headwriter on the Colbert Report. Why is this so special to us? Well, as a child Richard and his sister, Jennifer, played with our boys. He was always a very talented kid. He was reading out of a book well before he started school and later he showed a lot of talent in drawing. My boys loved visiting the Dahms, because Richard always made them laugh.

Richard's father is a German immigrant who came here with his family when he was a boy. We were good friends with his parents for many years but as the years passed by our connection slowly slipped away. However, recently I started working with Richard's Uncle Harry and it was so interesting to hear how very successful Richard had become. He has kept me up-to-date with the Dahm family and let me tell you that whole family is very proud of Richard.

Richard was very instrumental in starting the now very well known newspaper, the Onion, while he was still living in Wisconsin. He wrote a book, The Cultural Idiocy Quiz, and been a writer on a long list of TV shows.

Lately, he has been writing for the Colbert Report and this year was his 4th Emmy nomination. Well, the number 4 must be his charm, because he won. Take a look at the photo below.