Wednesday, June 18, 2008

2008 German Fest in Milwaukee

(posted June 18) Hey, now it's 35 days before German Fest and finally they updated their Culture page. Its still missing some important info, like FREE Thursday with $1 brats and History, Church Service & Entertainment are still coming soon.

But as you can see from my posts under the German-American community events, I have named a lot of entertainers and based on the schedule that German Fest has published, I will provide as complete a list as I can (even with links to their websites). But check back to this site often, because I will be providing videos of the entertainers in action and they will be changed often !!!

(posted June 21) I heard Klaus & Robert talking about the Love Monkeys coming to German Fest on Continental Showcase, so I went to the German Fest website and found nothing. But when I looked at the Love Monkeys website they listed that they are playing at German Fest on Thursday night. Those fans of the Love Monkeys should note that admission will be FREE that night with $1 brats.

Here is a video from:
Orig. Anton aus Tirol - Anton aus Tirol (posted June 18)
Edith Prock - Rosen aus dem Suden (posted June 21)
Barefoot Becky - who stole the Kischka (posted June 23)
Orig. Anton aus Tirol - Wass soll ich im Himmel (posted June 25)
Edith Prock - Im schoensten Wiesengrunde (posted June 29)
Orig. Anton aus Tirol - Wir sind alle Kleine Schweinchen (posted July 4)
Edith Prock - Ich wuensche mir a zeit (posted July 7)

It is only 16 days before German Fest here in Milwaukee and finally the German Fest website has listed Edith Prock on their Entertainment page. Edith Prock is the biggest star that is appearing at German Fest this year and for some strange reason they want it to be a secret? For the last few weeks, Margret Almer was listed (she was here last year) but no one thought it was important to correct the listing they had on their website. There is still a lot of info missing, but I am getting so tired of reporting all this stuff. I will be going to the fest anyway, but I just would like to see them be accurate and have some pride in what they are displaying on their website.
Since Edith Prock was so severely slighted by German Fest, I will be only showing video's by Edith Prock on my website here.

Edith Prock - Sag ma Du (posted July 10)

(posted July 10) I will stop updating this posting and simply just post new ones with new videos from Edith Prock and any other news I might have. German Fest is starting to put some information out on their website now. So you should be able to get some details now. But if you are not sure about something, be sure to call their office to verify any of your info. If you want some more details just click on the EVENTS button above.

Entertainers List

Alpen Echos
Anton aus Tirol
Austrian Express
Becky & the Ivanhoe Dutchmen
Biba und die Butzemanner
Blaskapelle Milwaukee
Cindy Hartz & Dennis Smith
Copper Box
Edith Prock
Elegant Gypsies
Freistadt Alte Kameraden
Jean Rex & Kurt von Eckroth
Johnny Hoffman Band
Johnny Wagner Band
Junge Kameraden
Kerry Christensen
Love Monkeys
Peggy Mueller
Polka Dotz
Pommersche Spaeldeel
Saddle Brook
Die Sandler

Die Schmalzler