Saturday, May 31, 2008

Immer Wieder Sonntags

Hey all you Immer Wieder Sonntags fans. The season starts tomorrow, June 1, with host Stefan Mross.

For those of you who get Shift TV, it is again on the ARD network at 10 am their time. If you klick on the link for Immer Wieder Sonntags website you can see the following list of dates below.

01. Juni 2008 (Rudy Giovannini)
If you watched this show, you know that they ran out of time before they could give the results of the voting. It was posted at their site as follows:
Das Ergebnis der ersten Ausscheidung der 'SOMMERHITPARADE' ist Jenny Bauer "Herz auf Sommerzeit" 19%, Florian Fesl "Sommer ohne Ende" 81%. Der Sieger wird am kommenden Sonntag, dem 08.Juni 2008 in der Sendung präsentiert.
08. Juni 2008
15. Juni 2008
22. Juni 2008
29. Juni 2008
06. Juli 2008 (Reiner Kirsten will be a guest)
13. Juli 2008
20. Juli 2008
27. Juli 2008
03. August 2008 (Die Schaefer & Vincent and Fernando)
10. August 2008
• 24. August 2008
• 31. August 2008 (best of)