Sunday, March 30, 2008

It's one year... no Stimmung Stunde!

On March 31 it will be one year that the Stimmung Stunde is no longer on the air here in Milwaukee. It was a hard decision for Tim at that time, and 17 years of being on the air was hard to walk away from. However, Tim has persued other interests and certainly has not had time on his hands.

He is busy with his two podcast shows: the award-winning Police on the Scene with a Crime Prevention Lean and the Pagaent Cast podcast. He has served as a judge and MC at many beauty pagaents both locally and as far away as Myrtle Beach. Plus, Tim is employed by the local utility here in Milwaukee and is very busy with his "day" job.

On Saturday, I went with Tim to the Miss St. Francis Pagaent and saw why Tim made the decision he did to leave German radio in Milwaukee. He was treated so nice by so many people. They really appreciate what he does for their community.

To the right, is Meghan Lyne who was on the Stimmung Stunde when she was Miss Fox River Valley in May 2006. It was nice to see her again, because for several years Tim had be taking the pictures of the girls during their appearances on the Stimmung Stunde. There were at least 3 other girls at this pagaent that had been on the Stimmung Stunde in the past and it was nice to hear about what they are doing now.

Tim has been kind enough to train me on how to maintain this website and I thank him for being so generous with his time. If you would like to wish Tim well in the future, please sign our guestbook (there is a link button at the top).