Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Along the Mosel

On May 8, we traveled along the Mosel with our tour group (Eine Reise mit Musik) and visited Trier, the oldest city in Germany and Bernkastel, which is known for its fachwerk structures. There was a market in the center in town and gave us an opportunity to do some shopping or just enjoy some beautiful flowers.

On May 9, we traveled to Westerwald-Hachenburg and were greeted by the Blaskapelle Siershahn and the HaKiJus(Hachenburger-Kirmes-Jungs). The Hakijus were the gentlemen and handed a rose to each lady in our group. Ramona & I decided to give their president a great big smooch for such a lovely gift. We had a tour of the Westerwald brewery that brews Hachenburger Beer and as Peter said, the serve the very best beer in the world... FREI BIER !!!! The Blaskapelle Siershahn and the Hakijus entertained us all afternoon and then we were served a fabulous dinner in the beer hall.