Thursday, December 31, 2009

Thank you Andrea Ney

I want to sincerely thank Andrea Ney. She is the fanclub leader of the Axel Becker fanclub "Amore Amore" in Germany. She was kind enough to publish my Axel Becker Cleveland performance report on her fanclub website and all the pictures. She published it in "English" just the way I wrote it, but she also translated the whole piece into German. She did a fantastic job. Andrea, thank you so much!!!

Take a look at her website. She is a very talented writer and has a lot of pictures at her site if your German is a little rusty. She features concert reports that are very detailed and interesting to read. Stay in touch with what this popular German entertainer is doing. Axel received standing ovations everywhere he
appeared in the US and Canada. If you have the opportunity to see this singer, don't miss it.

On December 26, Axel Becker was back in
Germany and performing in Bad Fussing for a Christmas concert. Andrea was there and took pictures that are great which include the Chicago favorite, Romy, and here is also a link to her concert report. CLICK. If you go to my Links page, I have added Andrea's link under the heading "Friends of the Stimmung Stunde" ... check it out.