Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Magdalena has arrived

It has almost been a week since little Magdalena Ann made her appearance on November 19. She was a healthy 8-1/2 pounds and her proud parents, Mike & Laura, are happy they could bring her home to celebrate her first holiday. This will certainly be a memorable Thanksgiving for the Wagner family. Mike's mom, Grandma Irene, is busy sewing all kinds of cute things for her first grandchild and somehow I think this lucky little girl will soon be in a dirndl. Laura's dad, Grandpa Glen, is hoping that Mike will teach her how to fix cars even though she's a girl.

Little Magdalena Ann has a whole bunch of relatives who are lining up to get a chance to babysit, but for now they will have to be happy to just hold her for a little bit while Laura gets dinner started. This lucky little girl was named after her Great-Great Grandma, who celebrated her 95th birthday this year. She was one of the few that predicted that Laura would have a girl; everyone else thought it was going to be a boy. You should have seen all the stuff she got at the shower that was blue. Luckily a girl can wear baby blue too.

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Anonymous said...

She will be sooooo cute in a Dirndl!