Saturday, March 31, 2007

Wendel & Nana Feiter from Feiter Medical Equipment Supply Company recognized

At the Danube Cultural Society Schlachtfest on January 27, 2007, Wendel and Nana Feiter, the owners of Feiter Medical Equipment Supply, were recognized for their support of the Stimmung Stunde.

Feiter Medical Equipment Supply Company has been an advertiser, supporting a massive 15 minute program each week for the 17 years of the Stimmung Stunde's existance. They supported the program before Tim Kretschmann was even host and have supported numerous other German radio shows in the Milwaukee area.

"Without Wendel and Nana Feiter," Tim Kretschmann stated at the event, "German radio in Milwaukee just couldn't be. Their loyalty and dedication is legendary." President and Host of the Stimmung Stunde, Tim Kretschmann, presented them with an honorary trophy seen here in the photo.

Assisting in the presentation is Elmar Kretschmann, Vice President of the Stimmung Stunde.